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But, what are ya to expect because you know this clothing thing has JUST come out. SO BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH IN YOUR FACE HA HA HA HA HA HA (COUGH COUGH) HA HA HA HA HA HA ! Well I’m very sorry I can’t tell because we want you to find by yourselfs! By: Clubpenguin and Webkinz Howner okay, i read all the posts and you people really want it so illl tell you two iteams, if it doesn’t come out right then you must of bought the wrong thing, one of the iteams are modjacket, and black belt and one of the other ones i want you to find out(hint……………’s one of the iteams to make silver sparklypants. S why do you people need help from me and want this jacket so bad? To the all knowing you are VERY mean im sorry for what i said just please try to be nicer if u cant i get it ang i can try to help u guys out but i cant say much ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. (p.s.) Just wait 4 the ball gown, mask, clown costume, super hero costume, detective hat, and i think thats it but there may be more, but anyway just wait cause those may not come out. if u have a consernce of disaggrements, please email me at shorty1357246@because i rather not have this to the open! if you do find it post it on here so everyone can calm down lol The Denium Jacket Recipe, if you click “i”when you are on the directions for the clothing recipe it is Green Layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans = Denim Jacket W/ A star/heart on it = very Cutee!!!! you’re welcome hi i just would love to know how to make the ball gound if you know it please add me my youser name is usa8910 and then please send it if you do i will send you a super bed and other cool stuf please send it to me please or send the stuf to make it! your friend USA I’m only 9 so i don’t have an email address please give the recipe to me my family i will give u cool rare items from every rare theme except kooky scientist PLEASE give the recipe to me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you give kinzpost me the combo to ether ballgown or the silver suit jacket? I’ll tell you the ones you need Sparkly Silver Suit Shirt Pink sparkly bow Mod jacket Mary Janes Detective’s Hat Blue Bow Atvarior hat ( sorry I can’t spell that) Eye glasses Ball Gown Princess Hat Ruby Shoes Smocked Sundress Clown Nose Party Hat Pink and Purple Fleecy Funky Girl Glasses hi i need the princess ball gown dress and the mathcing mask pleze tell me if you know it or send it to my webkinz my username is redcream102 and i promise i will send you something back rare or exclusive and maybe even a super bed thanks for your help bye! where I am and I’m getting just a little bit cranky. (sorry it’s really long and I’m only making it longer by typing this, but yeah, sorry it’s really long.) EVERYONE!! there is some person named brittany and she posted a bunch of recipes. for this amazing ball gown i think you need the following: ( I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS CORRECT I GOT IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE) - sundress ninja costume rainbow stripe pants i am very depressed. BYE if u think u know the recipe to something y don’t you try it b4 u post it cuz it wastes ppls kinz cash u ppl just r 2 lazy 2 try it and u want ppl 2 think u r cool when u aren’t.

warriorlover, can you please tell us 1 or 2 ingredients in the sparkly silver suit jacket! Oh, I saw someone in the clubhouse wearing the fairy princess ball gown the first three letters were MID! (THIS WAS TOTALLY RANDOM) SO SORRY CHARLIE (OR WHAT EVE YOUR NAME IS) HA HA HA HA YEAH RIGHT ANYWAY I LOVE PURENRG CAROLINE CAROLYNE AND JORDAN (JORDAN IS AWESOME) ! I know all of them webkinz and clubpenguin players!!! and i might not check here alot but i have alot of unsolved food recipes that were solved, clothing recipes some that are not on here, and a tip that’ll i sure on here: never gp on any webkinz cheats you’ll lose your money, your iteams, and maybe your account or pets. Sea side sarong: Pink harts bow & Yellow tank top the 3rd one ur going to have to figer it out ur self. your friend or not webkinz123 :p hey webkinz123, u bascailly just copied me! with lots of LOVE Does anyone know the recipe for the fairy ball gown???? Can you people stop giving us the wrong things i have spend the last 5 hours searching for the clothing but i did not get an answer. oh and bye the way, bobbyjoe shenandoah is a hunchback. Thank you in advance (it is Thanksgiving) by the way Happy Thanksgiving!!! username: princesssama on webkinz i have tryed like 1 million combos for each. okay here are the recipiese i know: Sparkly Silver Pants = Tan Suit Pants Sparkly Pink Bow Tuxedo Shoes Cowgirl Dress = Cowboy hat Cowboy shirt Sundress Toga = White Jeans Kinzville Academy Skirt Flip Flops Toy Soldier Coat = Dogbeards shirt Mod jacket Red Tennis Shoes Toy Soldier Hat = Dude hat Party hat Funky Plaid Hat Wizard’s Apprentice Robe = Academy Sweater Tuxedo Pants Wizard’s Hat Tie Dye Top = Purple Pajama Top Blue and Yellow Fleece Flower Power Swimsuit Top Glass Slippers = Funky Girl Glasses Princess Hat Ruby Slippers Patched Denim Jacket = Green Layered Tee Purple Layered Tee Jeans now stop wining and be patient they will be found soon ganz might give them to us for christmas! have fun with the ones that i gave you and work with them for now and stop wasting your money to find the codes! Good night, and stop bugging people about the recipes already! THE FAIRY PRINCESS BALLGOWN IS NOT A CLOTHING MACHINE RECIPE! BEWARE OF SCAMMERS WHO TELL YOU THEIR USERNAME AND TELL YOU TO SEND THEM SOMETHING EXCLUSIVE AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU THE FORMULA FOR IT! i took 2 hours and i went down this whole list and made every single recipe. for the people who said i tried it out and it works and then it didn’t. if you saw the tons of people who said please help please help and then you mess with them. if anyone wants to become friends or buddys wit me on webkinz my username is Janette350 u mite b friends wit me becuz i go in the club house a lot!!!!! people get on here and post fake recipies for the clothing, and i would know this cause i have tried every single one of them on this page.

I do not lie about wat ill do on Webkinz u might like the item u might not just depends wat ur opinion is. Toga= White jeans Kinzville acadamy skirt Flip Flops 2.

OK Here are some of the clothes i know how to make. Glass Slipers= Funky girl glasses princess hat ruby Slkippers 3.

And Alianco or Morgan you guys say u have the dress.

Add me on webkinz (name listed above) and plz send me it. I’ll send u something and if i have time post something here saying it actually worked or something like that.

and don’t forget it won’t start working untill may! and don’t forget to thank me cousin her user name is wekninyin oh and you guys are so mean for leaving fake recipies i my cousin spent 30,000 kinzcash to find this recipie and you guys spend like nothing and wait for other people to find out they don’t work for you! lol i know it is weird but it use to be my brother’s account until he hated webkinz just for this little glitch. They are being given out as prizes from the Webkinz Cares game and from trading card codes.

so if you do no the right recipie then post it i tried all of them that i sawposted but somedidnt work. i just wanted to say if you want the fairy ball gown the recipie won’t work untill may but my cousin figured it out.

Some of the recipes are collected from the below comments, thanks for your help. I can no longer stand it and I feel that you guys should all have the right of knowing these clothing recipes.

Do not put your email, webkinz password or any personal information in your comment, bad language comments will not be approved. OK I’m only telling you two ingredients so the other one is a challenge! I am at home sick and I can hardly stand all this bickering.

Does anybody know how to make a patchwork shirt, jacket, or coat? u said mod jacket, black belt, and 1 of the items from the sparkly silver suit jacket=sparkly silvers suit jacket! i tried all of the things from the sparkly silver suit jacket and got ugly patchwork clothes! X( I know some but not all of them so you SHUT UP and its a b not a d dum dum! Lurve and huggggz rachel4744 (my kinz username) but like don’t add me cause my list is getting REALLY full dear webkinz3000 i am sorry for all this truble everyone has cause u,i know we all want the dress. Dont forget to praise Jesus Christ are Lord and Savior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Madlines son Bob Hey people I know how to make the Fairy Princess Ballgown ! Also you may need to go to the wish factory to get some of the items if you can’t find them before they are discontinued but if you’re fast they probably won’t be discontinued before you get to them.

Right now I’ve got a patchwork pants and patchwork hat!!! and all knowing you are so mean and good for nothing low life back stabbing son of a bioch! PS i will be going on here from time 2 tie with differnt names so u better be nice to everyone cuz i might be there!!! please can u send me the dress my user name is p2sa4 and my email is eefinholm@please email me! and sammib please replie back to me on my email samib we want the ball gown recipe ***** warriorlover please send me the sparkly suit jacket user name p2sa4 if anyone wants to email me my email is eefinholm@and my webkinz user name is p2sa4 and the rest off the people out there that “SAY” they know the recipes u all r a buch of a** holes I’ve READ THOUGH ALL POSTS AND TRIED ALL SUGGESTIONS DON’T WANT ANY MORE WORTHLESS PATHWORK CLOTHES FOR SPARKLE PANTS USE ACADEMY s Kirt NOT s Hirt DID THAT THE FIRST TIME the fairy drees mask and sparkle jacket suggestions don’t work so don’t waist $ tryng them hey, u guys stop posting the wrong clothes you know, you may think its funny but what about the money were spending on it it anit cool and btw webkinz 3000 i dont belive you. I highly doubt that Ganz will discontinue any of the items that you will need anytime soon. Actually it would be smart to save your money and get everything in one trip to the webkinz site but it’s your decision not mine. Hey this rocks, I actually made them all thanks to my kinzcash I’m a fashionista so, why not!

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Hope this helps you people are all so crazy and of course i mean no offence i just want to say YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT! Silver Jacket: Tuxedo top & Sparkly piny bow Hope this helped Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hav the perf sollution to your probs go and send rgiustino your frend request and she will send you the ball gown or the mask it really works i tried it if you sen her a gift that she like she will send you both i know what your thinking “yeah right” but it really works im telling the truth!!! Sammib, pppppppplllllllleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee tell us the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you give it to me then i will give you anything but you must give it to me first. We all should just wait I mean what is the piont if we just cheat the piont is to do it your self , its supost to be a challenge Hey, I have only been reading your guys post and you guys need to stop lying because it is getting really stupid I mean all you guys say is oh i know this and i know that when you dont and you guys are giving FAKE recipes which is wasting peoples money And, so whats the point of playing the game if you are just going to cheat the point of the game is to do it your self and its supost to be challenge! HI Guys, This is a nice blog but you guys do know so many people depend on you to tell them how to make things on webkinz and if you lie and they buy the things they dont’t need to make the things and they want to tell you get your facts right. =) simmib, you are a hero by standing up to that bully good for nothing THE KNOW IT ALL or whatever!!!! your webkinz need that money for food and toys and what not! Yes, I know dosens of you have already said it, yes, I know everyone is giving you wrong recipes, and yes, I know I’m probably wasting your time with this comment, but if you really want these outfits as bad as you say you do then, why not wait, or better yet, try finding it yourself. If your parents work for webkinz, I’m sorry you’re not allowed to say, and people if they aren’t allowed to say what the recipe is, then stop bugging them to death! Iknow this part is probably my own fault for not stopping when I should have but, I’VE ALREADY WASTED OVER 2,000 KINZCASH TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT COMBINAION!!!!! i am so mad i spent like all my $ on usless clothing cuz people said it would turn into some all great costume i can’t take it anymore! so please read this comment cause it is important..